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Wakanda Forever. Unfortunately, no-one lives that long. Chadwick Boseman excited and inspired countless youths and adults when he played the world’s first black superhero, King T’Challa of Wakanda, in…

Market Update: August 2020

Equity: The Nigerian Equity market closed the month of August on a positive note. The ASI expanded by 2.51% on a month on month basis, whilst on a year -on-year basis, the losses eased to -5.6%.  On a…

The Ultimate Home-Office

THE ART OF WORKING FROM HOME Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the new normal of working remotely, executives at all levels are forced to set up shop at home, while staying productive to reach co…

Market Update (July 2020)

Equity: For equities, we anticipate that a mix of disappointing economic numbers, weakening foreign exchange position and lukewarm earnings performance will weigh on investor sentiments. As such, we w…

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