Private Wealth Management

We manage clients’ investments.

Our objectives

The primary objective of ARM’s Private Wealth Management is to manage clients’ real and financial assets, with a vision to realising their investment objectives.

1. We are committed to identifying, creating and providing access to some of the best, most innovative investment ideas and opportunities.
2. We act as trusted advisors to high net worth clients to assist them in building and managing their wealth with their overall objectives in mind.
3. We understand the market dynamics and actively manage client’s portfolio on an on-going basis and evaluate possible adjustments to strategic asset allocation in response to economic changes, market trends or client needs.
4. Our experienced and proficient relationship managers understand each client’s unique needs and are encouraged to seek the most innovative solution necessary to match these needs.

Private wealth management portfolio

ARM manages clients’ investments across traditional and alternative asset classes. We offer both Discretionary and Non-Discretionary portfolio services – whereby the Company manages funds on behalf of client within predefined guidelines based on the client’s risk-return profile, and where investment decisions are at the sole discretion of client respectively.

We also offer our Specialized Funds (non-traditional asset management) expertise through the following investment businesses: Mixta Nigeria (Real Estate.); ARM Capital Partners (Private Equity) and ARM-Harith Infrastructure Investment Ltd

Our investment management approach

The Client’s risk profile highly influences our asset allocation decisions.

We review, analyse and establish your current financial position, risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon, with a view to developing an appropriate profile.

Investment strategy
With the profile, we formulate an investment strategy that includes several assets and diversification across sectors and markets.

Implement solution
In implementing the investment strategy, our key consideration is to minimise risk without jeopardising returns.

Ongoing review
As your needs change, we modify our strategy to match the changes.

Our research philosophy

Our investment philosophy is value oriented, driven by extensive research and employs the top-down strategic view and bottom-up security selection approach. ARM has a hard won reputation for comprehensive, consistent and unbiased research.

1. Economic Research
2. Asset Allocation Research
3. Equity Research
4. Sector/ Industry Research
5. Fixed Income Research

Research Methodology

1. Identify global influences and themes.
2. Relate to domestic events and circumstances.
3. Distinguish opportunity sets.
4. Fundamental securities research
5. Map risk-return outlook into recommendations

Research characteristics

Value Oriented Our defensive philosophy means that our research is guided by long term value considerations.
High Quality Based on deep knowledge of domestic market and economy from broad‐based engagement.
Unbiased Catering to multiple stakeholders, our research seeks to deliver consistent value to a diversified audience
Our research provides our clients with informed views and actionable ideas on economic indicators, markets, companies, and asset classes.

Our analysts combine local knowledge with global insight to generate topical and targeted research aimed at helping our clients achieve superior returns on a relative and absolute basis, while managing risk.

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This material does not provide individually tailored investment advice. It has been prepared without regard to the individual financial circumstances and objectives of persons who receive it. We advise investors to independently evaluate particular investments and strategies, and seek the advice of a Professional Private Wealth Advisor. The appropriateness of a particular investment or strategy will depend on an investor’s individual circumstances and objectives.

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